White Paper

Executive Summary

Food and water crisis is an imminent global reality; it’s a matter of when and how prepared mankind will reach the breaking point.

Agriculture paved the way for the human race and gave them the opportunity of thinking instead of hunting, and, for a whole era, supplied society with enough resources. The sedentism was a prerequisite for the first agriculture to occur. Essentially, Sedentism involves developing society around resources found to be exploited.

Today, climate change, overpopulation and water-managing crisis have completely changed the approach to how the human race will satisfy the basic need for food and water.

The need for an evolution that overcomes this challenge is urgent; an innovative Sedentism is the clarion call. For the first time in history not only resources must be brought to populated and hostile regions, but these regions also have to be transformed through technology be turned into fertile states.

PLANETAGRO.ORG is the ultimate source of wellness; a harmonic consolidation of the most advanced technology concentrated in the planetagro.org platform will allow the agriculture industry to evolve into this new Omniscient Era.


PLANETGRO.ORG – The most powerful entity in Agriculture.

Platform – It’s a state-of-the-art platform equipped with top-notch systems empowering the agriculture industry towards its global evolution.

Faculty – Giving the members the faculty to generate exponential value by operating at full capacity.

Assets – The ultimate fusion of real intrinsic human need and their maximum function abilities to solve it. Virtual and physical assets condense and transcend.

Data – Providing with real-time FOOD stock and WATER supplies data from producers around the world.

Trade – Enabling consumers and producers to a direct and reliable trade followed by an optimized delivery logistic independent of their size.

Approach – Enforcing the agriculture productive chain with global exposure and coordination awareness. Decisions are taken with solid intent and losses kept to a minimum. Capital is placed with extravagant performance.

Market Awareness Strategy

Building a strong awareness of the urgent need to evolve the fundamental industry of agriculture and afront the reality; historic harvest losses, unaffordable prices in certain regions while at the same time product is wasted on other parts of the world, the average age of farmers around is 62, water management is at its most critical point, a 2.4 trillion used industry is yet not enough to supply the growing population need for food and water.

PLANETAGRO.ORG solves the problems of communication between the productive chains in agriculture and empowers it with:

  • Sales Funnel
  • Integral Costumer Management System
  • Real-Time Decision Taking Data
  • New Opportunities Identification
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Global Leverage
  • Diversify The Offer Lineup
  • Business Fusion And Acquiring
  • Financial Boost
  • Exchange Enlisting

Digital Asset Innovation

A physical asset or stock is attached to a digital asset keeping track of its market and logistic interaction through Blockchain Technology. This intrinsic connection is obeyed also at the consumption/extinction of the physical asset by the digital asset capitalization. The digital asset is given a culmination date from the origin. This digital constitute is not ment for currency purpuse and has no other value than the merchandise or service it represent.


  1. New marked zero transactions are triggered by purchase broadcasting to all nodes living a recipient countdown at the source.
  2. Each node collects new transaction into a block.
  3. Each node works on finding a difficult proof-of-proof work for its block.
  4. When a node finds a proof of work, it broadcasts to all nodes.
  5. Nodes accept the nodes only if all transactions in it are valid and not already spent.
  6. Completed countdown to zero nodes at the source encounter mark zero transactions and capitalize the asset.
  7. Nodes express their acceptance to a block by creating the next block using the hash of the accepted block as previous hash.

Assurance and Security

Blockchain Technology enables a secure, smart-contract based interaction for all physical negotiated stock represented in a digital asset. The distribution, logistic, market price and execution of the assets are ensured to occur within the code molded by agreed parties.


We are facing Issue in Online Trading Systems of Third Party Cost, Trust, Transparency and security, for the reason we want to develop a system using the smart contracts which will remove the third-party cost and will decrease the security issues by distributing Transaction records.


  • Removing Third Parties from contracts using smart contracts
  • Securing Trade from fraudulent activities using BlockChain implications
  • Reducing Cost of Documentation, procedural delays, discrepancies or errors
  • To achieve High Level Accuracy


HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JS, NodeJS, Python, Oracle 11g, JSON, BlockChain, Hyper Ledger by IBM.


User of PLANETAGRO will use the Contract Module to create custom contract and will send to some other targeted second user. The second user will review the contract, when both of the users agree on contract without third-party involvement the system will holdsthe amount of purchase from the user until its satisfactory delivery and penalty amount from the second user in case can’t deliver successfully.