Frequently Asked Questions

What are memberships?
Memberships are a digital representation of the access to the service that provides to its users. They run on Ethereum erc20 which makes the membership authenticated and enables it for trade.
How are memberships sent?
Download an Ethereum erc20 compatible wallet we recommend Trust Wallet, After your payment is confirmed we will send the membership amount purchased to the wallet address you provide. This transaction will be publicly validated by
What is the membership price?
The membership price fluctuates with the market offer and demand. The membership sell/buy direct price on plattform may vary from exchanges or private negotiations.
May I trade the memberships I purchase outside
Yes. Blockchain technology enables you to do so. Remember any action you take after membership delivery to the wallet adress you provide is of your responsability. Please read Terms and conditions pdf.
Will buy memberships from users?
Yes. will, if intrested, buy memberships from users at a previous agreed price.
Will accept any cryptocurrency?
No. Any digital constitute in is not meant for currency purpuse and has no other value than the merchandise or service it represents.
Would I get a tax receipt of the membership purchase?
Yes. The receipt will follow international laws, agreements according to The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Mexico tax administration laws.